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    Even though chemical treatment starts its effect from the moment of application, we can expect the results within 48 to 72 hours. Herbal gel treatment begins to work from the first night after the application. Cockroaches start dying from the next day and get eliminated within five days of application.

    Yes, you can. But you cannot use your bed for four hours at least if treated for bedbugs infestation.

    No, you need not. Our herbal gel treatment is hassle-free, safe and easy for application.

    Herbal gel specially meant for cockroaches and few other crawling insects are composed of some herbal oils like eucalyptus and citronella and in a very low quantity of fipronil i.e. 0.01%. Fipronil is an insecticide which acts on the nervous system of octopod insects only. So it does not pose any harm even if swallowed in small quantities by pets or babies. Chemical spray for bedbugs, spiders and other insects need utmost care during application. Pets, aged family members and children should not move around at least three to four hours after the application. It will give good results if you leave the house closed after chemical spray.

    In case of bedbug issue, you need to empty your bed and disassemble it if possible. In other cases, you need not bother about preparations. We will take care of the entire service contract for you.

    It may take from a minimum of one hour to a maximum of 48 hours to reach any location on our service map. Generally, two service technicians can finish any kind of assignment in the given time. But the team size varies from one to four as per the requirement of the treatment.

    The factors deciding the cost are:
    1) What is the size of premises i.e. the number of rooms and area in sq. ft.
    2) What is the use of premises i.e. domestic or commercial or industrial?
    3) What are the issues to be handled i.e. Cockroaches or termites or bedbugs etc?
    4) What are the length of the contract and warranty period i.e. single casual service or annual contract?
    In some cases, remote location can also determine additional cost

    As the gel is applied in the hiding and feeding places of cockroaches and other crawling pests, most of the time it will not come into sight. It remains effective for two to three months. Hence for long-term results, do not remove the gel.

    Considering the gestation period and the life cycle of bedbug eggs, to get rid of the issue permanently, two or more treatments for bedbug de-infestation are required.

    For Cockroaches, you can use conventional methods like sprayers available in the market to kill the cockroaches. But after a few days, they reappear due to the hatching of eggs being laid by them. For absolute eradication, we use gel bait composed of oils and food ingredients which attracts them. This gel is odorless and acts as a slow poison to avoid bait shyness among other cockroaches. By cascading effect other cockroaches get attracted towards the bait and fall prey. They start dying within 24 to 48 hrs in their hiding places. Due to this, you will notice very few dead cockroaches in open areas. In the meantime, cockroaches pass their excreta which contain secondary poison. Baby cockroaches feed on poisoned excreta and debris of dead cockroaches. Thus baby cockroaches start dying before they develop egg laying capacity and stop reproducing.
    To prevent entry of cockroaches from neighboring houses, we slot in chemicals in drainage lines through sink pipe, washbasin, toilet, and bathroom holes. In case of a severe infestation of cockroaches, we do use kerosene base chemical spray followed by herbal gel treatment within two to three days.
    Bedbugs are not easy to kill by any other means than chemical spray and injections. It is essential to go for a proper Bedbug treatment program with a specific number of spray treatments in a particular span of time. We plan and execute the treatment as per the current requirement.

    When most people discover a pest problem, they want the pest eliminated immediately so one must select a competent, reasonably-priced Professional Pest Control operator (or Pest Control Service Provider).

    When Selecting a Professional Pest Control service:
    • Ask your friends and neighbors for references; can they recommend someone who has provided them effective and satisfactory service?
    • Be cautious of operators who come to your premises uninvited and offer to give your house a free inspection for pests. They may try to scare you into going in for immediate and costly treatments.
    • Don't be hasty in making a decision. Since you will be paying for professional knowledge & skill, look for someone who has the right attributes.
    • Ask questions about the pest problem, treatment to be done, products to be used, etc., that will help you get a better understanding of competence of the company representative.
    • If the treatment requires a large amount of money to be paid, get offers from several pest management companies.
    • Before signing any contract, be sure you completely understand the nature of the pest problem, the extent of the infestation and the treatment required to solve the problem.
    • In case a warranty is given, understand what it covers, the duration, what you must do to keep it in force and what kind of continuing control, prevention, and management are necessary.

    In addition to the above, ask the representative the following questions:

    "How many years have you been in business at your present location?"
    "Would you provide me with a list of references?"
    "Will the person implementing the services have undergone training in the effective use of the same?
    Beware of Firms or Individuals that . . .
    Offer you a special price if treatment is done immediately
    Do not have a listed or working telephone number
    Sell services door-to-door and where the operating firm's name is unheard of Claim to have a special "secret formula”. Secret formulas are illegal: all pesticide products must be registered by the Central Insecticides Board (CIB) for the specific purpose.
    Claim to have excess material left from a previous job and offer a reduced price for immediate treatment. Buy Value, not Price. Sometimes, the least expensive price may not be your best bargain. Knowing when to call an expert is important. Modern pest professionals first identify the offending pest and then structure an effective program to control, monitor and manage the problem. Be sure the professional you hire can assure you that they can solve your problems without harming your health or the environment