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    Bombay Pest Control - Pest Control in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane. 100% Best Pest Control.

    Bombay Pest Control Mumbai is leading pest control services in Mumbai with 10 years of experience in the field. And we do the following pest control services..Read more

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    We have the experience, quality, and knowledge in the pest control industry and also the well trained technician as our guarantee to provide you the best solution in any pest problem. Bombay Pest Control provides professional Pest Control service for home and business in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Andheri, Mulund, Vashi, Dadar, Borivali, Bandra, Kandivali, Goregaon, Kalyan, Dombivli, Panvel, Nerul, Kharghar. We also provide Cockroach Pest, Termite Control. 100 % Guarantee & expertise Work.

    Bombay Pest Control - Pest Control Service In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane, Pune, Thane East-west. Certified Pest Control Company. High Quality Pest Control Service In Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, Thane. We Do Herbal Pest Control, Residential And Commercial Pest Control, Cockroach Pest Control Mumbai, Termite Control, Rodent Control. 100 % Garuntee And expertize Work.



    Cockroaches are attracted to warm, moist environments. They spend the daylight hours in dark, secluded sites under refrigerators, stoves, false bottoms in kitchen cabinets, in the backs of cabinets and in crevices between baseboards and floors or cabinets and walls. They may also be found behind pictures or within electronic equipment. A number of these openings will ultimately lead to voids in the stud walls. The insects leave these sites at night to forage for food and water. The presence of cockroaches during the day may indicate a large population.

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    Bed bugs are wingless insects that are oval in shape and 5-6mm long as an adult. They are a rusty brown in colour and change to a deeper reddish brown after a meal of blood. An Adult bedbug can live for 6 months at room temperatures of around 200C and much longer in colder climates. After mating, each female lays 2-3 eggs a day throughout her lifespan. The cream coloured eggs are approximately 1mm in length and will hatch within around 10 days at room temperature, but longer in cooler conditions.

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    Mosquitoes have been and continue to be very efficient vectors of many devastating diseases worldwide. Fortunately the malaria carrying anopheline mosquitoes are only occasionally found in India and are generally restricted to the far north and south. However there are several very serious diseases known to be transmitted by mosquitoes in India, including Ross river virus, Dengue virus, Barmah Forest virus, Murray Valley encephalitis and dog heart worm. People, pets and livestock can also suffer irritating reactions from the injection of saliva from the mosquitoes bite.

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    Dampwood termites like to live and feed in very moist wood. because they need lots of moisture, Dampwood Termites usually live in damp, dying wood or in houses with leaking plumbing that keeps the wood wet.Dampwood termites do not carry disease and don’t usually bother buildings because there is not enough water in the wood. To avoid Dampwood termites, make sure water drains away from your house and keep damp wood away from your home.

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    Rodents do not only spread diseases and contaminate food, they also cause damage to your home. Rodents have to continually gnaw on their teeth to keep them from growing too long. They will gnaw on anything even, so when you hear noises in your roof, walls or under your home they are not only nesting, but they may be gnawing on your water pipes, plaster, ducting for you heater and air-conditioning, and electrical cables and conduits. Every year homes are water damaged and fires are caused by rodent infestations.

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    Hire the best pest control services in Mumbai near you

    Are you looking forward to hire a company of pest control services in Mumbai, Maharashtra? Do you want to get the best pest control company in Mumbai that can eradicate all pests that are bothering you in your home or office? If yes then your search ends here at Bombay pest control. We are one of India’s best service providing companies specializing in pest control and management. Through this portal, you can easily book the right and perfect pest control or pest exterminator in Mumbai near you.

    We at Bombay pest control are providing a comprehensive range of the highest standard of pest control services. We provide pest management and treatment services for all types of harmful or annoying pests. You can hire the best and highly effecting pest management services through this portal for termite control, mosquito control, rat/rodent control, cockroach control, bedbug control, ant control, silverfish control, carpet beetle control, spider control and lizard control. In addition, we also provide disinfection and sanitization services in Mumbai. Whatever your actual requirement is, we are the ultimate solution in Mumbai near you.

    We at Bombay pest control are a Mumbai based company. Hence to deliver you the best pest control and treatment services near you in Mumbai, we have made collaboration with some of the best pest control companies of Mumbai. We have strictly and thoroughly verified the different credentials of pest control companies before making association with them. We ensure that our every partner pest control company in Mumbai is experienced and practice best standard of pest control services across Mumbai metropolitan area.

    Our pest control companies in Mumbai have years of experience in the field. In addition they have the expert technicians and professionals who are responsible for taking care of entire pest control process at your home or office premise. They will eliminate all types of pests or insects from your residential or commercial places using different types of pesticides and insecticides. Keep in mind, they always use government approved pesticides and insecticides to kill the harmful or annoying insects and pests so that you always get a healthy and pest-free environment to live and work.

    We are providing pest management services in Mumbai near you not only for residential buildings but also for commercial ones. You can hire the best services through this portal on your requirements like residential pest control, hotel pest control, hospital pest control, commercial pest management, restaurant pest management, herbal pest control, industrial pest control and housekeeping services.

    We at Bombay pest control understand well that pests and insects are real nuisance. They are not only irritating but also harmful and a great threat to health. They can bite and spread diseases. In addition, they can damage our properties. Rats and termites are destroyers of our properties. They may cause to heavy loss. Pests likes mosquitos, fleas, flies, and cockroaches are known for spreading many types of disease. So, it is imperative to hire professional pest control services in Mumbai in order to get rid of all types of pest related problems and bothers.

    That’s why, we and our partner pest control companies in Mumbai always ensure for treatment and elimination of pest problems using high quality pest control products. On customers’ demand, our expert pest control technicians will also use herbal and organic pest management products. Our main aim to provide you completely safe and pest-free environment to live and work. That’s not all, we at Bombay pest control always believe in affordable pest control services. We are providing you the best quality services at very affordable and genuine rates.

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    We begin our relationship with each customer with a thorough inspection of your home or commercial place. We believe every home and family is different, and this inspection helps us develop a pest control plan to meet your specific needs.

    Our services includes single services, Monthly, Annual Mainteance Contract type service based upon the pest problems, where you can choose the type of service, we will be service based on customer prefered timing.

    We’ll contact you via email one week prior to each scheduled service, and confirm via phone the day before. We schedule your service visits in one-hour windows, so you will always know when to expect us. You can always call or email us when you need our assistance in between scheduled pest control services

    We pride ourselves on providing pricing that is extremely fair and affordable. We don’t require any long-term contracts. You’ll receive a service you agree to pay up-front for, and any subsequent services will be invoiced within 24 hours of services being rendered. Select the quantity of service visits you’d like to pay.

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